Time Lapse Buddy

Time lapse calculator page

"Time Lapse Buddy" is an android application for calculating time lapse parameters and for simulating time lapse session (including timer and live count of clip lenght seconds recorded, num. shots taken,...).

The input parameters are: Frame rate(clip frame rate. Exp.: 24 fps), Clip lenght (duration of the output time lapse video), Event duration (the lenght of the time lapse session. Exp.: sunrese duration), Interval (interval between shots taken).

You can fill out three parameters and calculate the fourth. To calculate certain parameter press the "calculator" button beside the input field.

Once you have calculated desired parameter just "swipe" left to enter the Timer screen. When pressing the "Start" button, the timer will count down from your selected or calculated "Event duration". You will monitor the remaining time, current clip lenght and number of shots taken.

Meanwhile (timer running), you can freely "swipe" back to calculator page and experiment with different parameters - the timer will continue running with initial parameters. If you stop and restart the timer, then the new calculated values will became valid.

Enjoy "timelapsing" ....

You can donate somthing for future development.